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Graphic/ Web designer Freelancer


I have been doing graphic/web design for more than 14 years. It is no longer a profession, but a way of life.


I have a large team of specialists whom I involve when necessary – technical and layout designers, copywriters and editors, photographers and illustrators, everyone who is necessary to achieve a quality result, which will bring my clients new horizons for success.


2022 has started with new, huge plans to launch my own graphic design company in the near future. At this moment I have everything for that – years of experience, enthusiasm, strong team of specialists and line of clients. Wish me good luck and stay tuned.

OTHER FACTS about me

In addition to design, the other part of me is a professional musician (composer, pianist).

I devote all my free time to composing music and preparing new release of my radio program “Shades of Art” for the Armenian radio station “VEM” – FM 91.1 In 2018.


I became one of the founders and the head of the GranaTour travel agency based in Armenia.


Since May 2020, I have been working as a designer and research fellow at the house-museum of the composer A. Spendiaryan.

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